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I stumbled across a fantastic website today and thought I’d tell you all about it.  It is all about you helping your mates find love.  Some of you may already have found it, but if you haven’t yet visit

If you are looking for love it’s really simple to navigate which is great.  The best thing about it though is the fact you can read about someone from their friends perspective so, reducing the risk of meeting someone who is lying.  The search facility is fantastic as it allows you to find people close to you very simply.



Posted by Hayden Allen-Vercoe on Thu 29th June 2006 at 06:47 AM, Filed in Niche Dating has been the first dating firm to allow international SMS-dating, connecting Western men with Russian beauties seeking a better life away from Russia!

I must admit that it makes it far simpler if you want to find a beauty on the other side of the world…. But before you decide to go this route, why can’t you find a beauty where you are.  I am always a little suspect of why Russian and far eastern girls are so desperate for a western man, apart from the promise of a better life.

image  image  image

Judge the ladies waiting at the end of the line for yourself!


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I’ve carried out a huge amount of research lately to fid out exactly what are the biggest turnons for both boys and gals.  It aint easy believe me as men truly seem to be from Mars and women from Venus!

Funnily enough, looks rarely come into the equation.  Obviously its important to have a physical attraction, but sometimes this comes later.  Not one person ut of the 50 I asked brought up ‘looks’ – that’s gotta tell you something.



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According to the 80’s idol’s spokesperson, Phil is dating American newsreader Dana Tyler.

image  image

Rumours about the musician’s latest romance started circulating after the journalist gave the aging rocker a private tour of her office and introduced him to her co-workers earlier earlier this week.

In response to the romantic speculation, Collins’ spokesperson said: “Phil and Dana are friends and have been seeing quite a bit of each other”.

“He is getting on with his life and has picked himself up after the end of his marriage.”

A co-worker of the divorced mum of two told America’s New York Post newspaper: “She was beaming. This is the happiest I’ve seen her”.

“They’ve been keeping it quiet for several weeks, but it’s out now.”

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Yep, its here…. In fact its actually been here for a while, its just taken time to really catch on.  Supermarkets around the world are now clocking onto the idea and in their wisdom, promoting it.  In France for instance (Paris) certain supermarkets have stated that Thursdays are ideal for singles – singles are given a purple basket with a cartoon of a kissing couple, and offered a glass of champagne and a free photograph if they succeed in hooking up with a potential mate.  Apparently there are 900,000 singles in Paris so the market is definitely there.

Turn a boring task into an exciting opportunity, hit the isles of love!


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