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Your date is coming over to your place and you want them to be impressed, enjoy themselves as well as leave with the intention of seeing you again (well maybe not sometimes!)

Asking a date over to your place is quite a forward step because you are presenting a very personal element to your life. Be sure you want to share this before asking them over.

Give the house a little tidy up, you are wanting to create a good impression after all! Even if you sweep all your dirty washing under the bed, try to de-clutter.

Get some nice food for the fridge, you can tell so much about someone by what’s in your fridge (whether you look after yourself or not basically!)

image  image
What’s wrong with these people’s fridges and would you wanna date them!

Get a nice meal in the oven and get some coffee on, you don’t want to start plastering them with booze just yet. Let them get used to the surrounds and then ask them if they want an alcoholic drink. If you are crap at cooking some ready meals can be really good, or even go and get a nice takeout from the local restaurant.


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Continuing in the same theme as last week, I have covered Hampshire this time. These are the top 5 most romantic days out in Hampshire:

Beaulieu – Offers you loads. If you like classic cars combined with beautiful surrounds and gardens then this is a truly romantic place to go. Beware that there are often school trips there so there could be loads of crazy screaming kids about. The site also contains the picturesque abbey building ruins which houses an art exhibition on monastic life in the Middle Ages. Certainly somewhere where you won’t get bored. There are some fantastic pubs around there too.


Open all year
Adults: £11.50

John Montagu Building
SO42 7ZN
Tel: +44 (0)1590 612 345

Hollycombe Steam Collection – You may look at the title her and think I am some sort of train spotter…. Not true though! I stumbled across this place a few weeks ago and it’s like going back in time. The whole place has a certain romance about itself because there is steam, noise and smoke everywhere, along with people dressed like something out of Clockwork Orange. Trust me it is a great experience and it literally is in the middle of nowhere. There are loads of gardens to eat a picnic as well as grounds to walk, and the World’s oldest working steam fairground. There are a few geeky types there getting over excited by steam, but it’s a great place to take your date and disappear into the bushes with!


Open all year
Adults: £9

Hollycombe Steam Collection
Midhurst Road
GU30 7LP
Tel: +44 (0) 1428 - 724900


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There’s no excuse for having no time to be romantic any more! Here are 5 ideas for men, and 5 ideas for ladies to do stuff for their partners that really don’t require much time.


If you are a man…
1. Call her up and tell her to be ready in 15 minutes. Don’t tell her where you are going and ask a friend to recommend somewhere different, somewhere romantic where you ca go for a meal.
2. Show your romantic side by taking 5 minutes out to book you and your partner into a dancing school that night.
3. Get home from work first and light some candles all over the house, then turn out the lights. Maybe even make a path of candles up to the bedroom where you will be waiting.
4. If you don’t often cook, go out your way to make her a meal. Even if you are the worst cook in history, the fact that you have gone out of your way will make her see the romantic side of you.
5. Write her a letter. It sounds odd to be giving her a letter when you will be seeing her that evening, BUT this letter is different. Write it from the heart and tell her how precious she is to you and what you think about when you see her. Trust me, you will drive her wild!

If you are a lady…
1. Get him some flowers. This may sound odd but a little bit of role reversal works a treat. He probably would never have received flowers in the past so may be a little shocked at first, but you will soon see his romantic side come out. Preferably white roses.
2. Find out his passions/hobbies and organise an evening or day out especially for him to revel in it. Obviously you need to have an open mind and a bit of patience in some cases!
3. If you wake up before him, wait for him to wake and stare deeply into his eyes and tell him how much you mean he means to you – what a perfect way to wake someone up.
4. Get home first, get some kinky underwear on (we all know what men think about most of the day!) and then put on a long coat. When he arrives home, surprise him and seduce him. Men love it when women take the lead.
5. Organise for his mates to come over and surprise him, buy some beers for them and then go out and see the gals! You will be his best friend for life.

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A little bird told me that the big man has been allegedly cheating on girlfriend Terri Seymour for six months.

Known for his hard but fair comments in the X Factor series and his love for wearing trousers up by his man boobs, he apparently met Jasmine Lennard (21) in a posh restaurant and began seeing here after sending her a cheeky note.

He has been seeing Terri, who is a model-turned-television presenter for years now so you can imagine she is going to be a little shocked. However a number of English tabloids have reported that their relationship has been on the rocks recently. Jasmine has apparently overcome drug addictions in recent years and is thought to have had bisexual encounters.

The pair have recently dined together in public and Jasmine has even visited the X Factor studios. The wealthy fashion disaster’s affair was exposed just before midnight on Tuesday, when Jasmine was photographed leaving his house. It was the eve of her 21st birthday.

image image
Simon and his new ‘walking stick’!


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So you’ve got a nice bottle of wine in the fridge, a meal in the oven, your date will be over in about 30 minutes and you want to have a chilled night in where you can just cuddle up on the couch.

Alternatively, you may be single and longing for a relationship but finding it a bit tricky, and just want to lose yourself in a chic flic.

I’ve done the hard work for you and chosen the top 10 romantic movies that will create the atmosphere you are after, so get out your Blockbusters card and head down the shops (obviously if I have missed any off then .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and I’ll add to the list):

STORY – How good the storyline is.
SNOGABILITY – The likelihood of a snog during the film.

Dirty Dancing
Every ladies favourite movie. This pulls the hardest of heart strings and there’s a little bit of action for the boys. If you haven’t seen it yet there’s loads of dancing and snogging and not a bad story line.
Story 7/10
Snogability 6/10

Another modern Hollywood blockbuster classic offering a few fight scenes, drama of a sinking ship and a love story that will have you gripped throughout. It’s 3 hours long so make sure you get really comfortable!
Story 9/10
Snogability 5/10

An 80’s classic and Tom Hanks at his best. All about a mermaid who falls in love with Mr Hanks. Great story that’s easy to follow and a good laugh. Is a little dated now (fashions etc) and a little childish, but it presents some hugely romantic moments.
Story 5/10
Snogability 8/10

Pretty Woman
Now I’d be surprised if none of you have heard of this one, it’s about a hooker (Julia Roberts) who gets into Richard Gere’s car, by mistake of course and the rest is history. It’s one of those you drag out because you have both seen it but want to make a move on the other so won’t be too bothered about missing any of the storyline.
Story 6/10
Snogability 10/10

When Harry Met Sally
Another timeless classic all about the fact men and women can’t be friends because the sex part always gets in the way, and the film goes on to explore this notion. It’s the film with the famous faked orgasm in the café… very funny! A nice light entertainer.
Story 7/10
Snogability 7/10


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