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Firstly let me ask who can we thank for these beautiful garments, they should be eligible for the Nobel Peace Prize. They present a man’s true personality and physique all in one. Any lady approached by a man in such a garment has gotta be feeling lucky!

If you can’t tear your eyes away from such a beautiful sight then why don’t you try drifting up to him and with those puppy eyes asking if you can mother his children there and then.

image image

If they are not your bag however then you could try going up behind them and pulling the bit that comes up above the ass up as hard as you can and getting them to skid their own pants… just an idea though.

If you already have a fella and want to see him in one of these beauties then try Hunkwear

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If you can bear the irritating, squeaky voice, take a look at this light hearted take on dating tips with an animation from Foamy. Click here to take a look.


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I came across an interesting site today, one where you can find yourself your very own internet Iraqi bride. It’s a little disturbed and crosses the boundries of funny… but takes the p*ss out of President Bush which makes it quite acceptable.

“Our membership program is designed for single men looking for mail order brides who are beautiful, significantly younger, educated, unspoiled by feminism and whose culture is one of support and respect”.

”Beautiful single Iraqi women are looking for romance and marriage. Meet traditional Iraqi girls who want to be your wife. If you are seeking a more feminine woman, an affectionate girl and a true love, you have found your magic carpet to happiness. We offer dating, spousal visa services, tours, correspondence and international one-on-one test drives with Iraqi ladies”.


“This is just a small sampling of the treasures that await you when you become a full member. All of our brides pass our exclusive 48-point quality inspection. Don’t settle for just any old used bride, make your next wife a top-of-the-line previously-owned bride!”

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I dropped onto this guy’s web site the other day and it started playing a tune and some animated video. It’s about being blocked by an online dater and to my surprise I continued to listen and watch - (I tend to switch off within 2 seconds of most home made animation).


Now, bear in mind I’m tone deaf! But in my humble opinion it’s absolute genius. The name of this little gem is unsurprisingly “She Blocked Me”.

Go check it out at ebaum’s World.




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So you’ve taken the relationship a step further and decided to meet the potential in-laws on their turf… brave move.  Just don’t be caught saying any one of these clangers!

“Your daughter has much bigger breasts than you!”

“Your daughter is the best shag I’ve ever had…. No lie!”

“Tell me about how and where your daughter was conceived.”

“Great bed, have you ever tried sex on it… you must.”

“Who’s that in the picture, they look rough!”

“Looking at the décor, I’d say your big fans of the 70s!”

“Look at the way your daughters butt moves when she walks… it’s hypnotic”

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