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You could lose hope after suffering many failed relationships, but realistically there is a very good chance that your Prince Charming is living and breathing right under your nose.


Take a good look at your close friends of the opposite sex. You might be surprised to realise that deep down there might be something more than plutonic feelings.

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You met a gorgeous guy/girl at the weekend, swapped numbers and are now living out the ‘waiting game’ which seems like years and is possibly the most painful part of the entire dating game. When the phone does ring it is normally your mother checking up on her and you try to lose her as quickly as possible so as you can free up the line!


You are possibly getting agitated and restless and your housemates starting to ask questions. So why doesn’t the phone ring?

Well, it’s all about the ‘Law of the Universe’ whatever that is!

Here are some reasons:
• When you expect a phone to ring it doesn’t
• Maybe they are just not interested or playing hard to get
• They woke up and regretted the whole thing
• They have been talked out of it by a friend
• They may have lost your number
• They may be expecting you to call them
• They may have a partner already and were just messing about
• They are just too shy
• You wrote your number down wrong

My point is that the reason doesn’t matter, just put some trust in fate. If it is meant to be it will happen! Now stop watching the phone and go do something to take your mind off it – so what if they don’t call!

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If your first few dates begin to hit the rocks don’t think drink is going to solve your problems.


More often than not it exacerbates them! Plus you end up feeling pretty rough the next day!

Posted by Hayden Allen-Vercoe on Thu 28th September 2006 at 05:31 AM, Filed in General Dating

I’ll start with the question on every woman’s mind: “Why are most men fascinated by erotic films and magazines… even if it’ is just a ladies underwear Catalogue?”

The answer is that we men like/need to dream. Don’t think this is a diss on you, it isn’t. Look back in time, or look at apes (where we came from). It is in our ‘make up’ to have many mates – blame evolution if you need to. Erotic media is a way that a man can live out those much needed ape-man fantasies whilst remaining 100% faithful to yours truly.


Another possible reason behind the craving is the childhood connection. ALL blokes have had their filthy little mitts on an erotic magazine as a child, and they are normally forbidden to do so, therefore it’s one of those danger moments we like to have.


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This conversation has come up more than once down the pub. An attractive girl walks by and she has her knickers showing. It may look a little cheap and nasty but there is something that makes a man stop and stare.

However, I think most would agree that if you are a more robust lady then the exposed g-string really doesn’t do any favours. 


Unfortunately, this example might be enough to put any man, woman or child off their burger!

I think the trend has almost done its time now and I guess it is similar in a way to how some blokes have their jeans half way down their ass. Surely women can’t find this attractive, or am I just not ‘street’ enough to understand it?

However, a glimpse of ladies underwear showing (on the right girl) is often more exciting to look at than any exotic mags or films because it stirs the imagination… and trust me ladies we have a very vivid imagination when we want to, especially after 3 pints of the finest Stella Artois.

All I’ll say is that if you can carry it off and you look good, then we are putty in your hands… but if your postively spilling over, don’t expect any attention apart from upturned noses. I’m sure other women look at this in the same way.

What do you think?

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