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Not as odd’a question as you may think.  Blokes never have pubes in pornos, women never seem to have any pubes these days…. So does that mean men shouldn’t either.

Ummmmmm…. where to start?

As a bloke representing ‘malekind’ I need you ladies to tell the truth and reveal what is a good look down their.  I can’t imagine you’d like a fella who looks like a werewolf down there, apart from the fact it gets sweaty and smelly down , surely it can’t turn you lot on because it must cause chaffing!

But then if we do shave, surely it’s gotta give you some sort of stubble trouble?!

Seriously, the amount of Brazilians and Hollywoods out there, there is obviously some sort of trend to follow, BUT why isn’t there any clear rules as to what men are supposed to do / what women want to see?

Please help me tidy this one up!!!

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Yep it’s that time of year again when you get loads of freaky looking kids and Jehovah Witnesses knocking on your door asking for your money or your life.

Scared…. you should be, this is just weird!

Halloween is actually a great time to meet people, there are loads of parties going on which means one thing….  A great time to meet new people and enjoy them acting like a nob as they play the part of a zombie Spiderman or something.

Here’s a bit of fun for you… Take the Halloween love test 

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Have you ever been to a meeting or date which you just need to get out of but just don’t have the right excuse.  Well some brainbox has come up with


This is one of the best services for active daters that I have come across, the only problem is that it looks like it is only available for Americans.

Apparently the concept came about following an incident where one of the founders desperately wanted out of a blind date after the first five minutes of conversation. They didn’t want to hurt the person’s feelings by going to the restroom and never coming back - nor face the repercussions of doing so from their mutual friends – so they begrudgingly sat through the next five agonizing hours trying to determine how to make sure this would never happen again. Sound familiar?!

It costs from $1.50 to $10 and works on a credit system.


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Ever since the ‘bad boy’ of rap started dating the Destiny’s Child beauty the big man has chilled out!

DMX says: “It’s Beyonce. He’s a sucker for love. Thugs don’t do flip-flops,”

“Yo, no matter how much vacation I’m on - we been to St Thomas, Bahamas, all the little islands - I don’t wear no flip-flops. I’m never that comfortable, ever, not even in my house.”

Is this fighting talk from DMX I ask? Pistols at dawn please boys!


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Ask yourself this. Do you treat your your fledgling relationship like you treat your work?


If you do, then you’re probably not going to last the distance. Relationships need hard graft and devotion from both parties in order to last the duration.

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