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When we are in the workplace we often think about sex. It’s a fact! Men especially, in fact we think about sex in the office at least once every 20 seconds on average. This is going to lead to flirting and then ‘the dreaded rumours!’


Work is where we spend most of our life so we are bound to get close to our work colleagues and think about what they look like without any clothes – sometimes we wished we hadn’t! But the fact of the matter is that we can’t help it.

If you are in a big company, rumours are far more likely to spread because people don’t have anything better to do. There are a couple of things you can do to stop rumours which I have listed below:

Start a new one… about someone else, but make the story juicer so people’s interest turn to them.

Confront the ringleader. And tell them ‘you started it because you are jealous of me, aren’t you’. Don’t take no for an answer, just keep implying it and they will get really frustrated and go on the defensive.

Turn it into a joke. Once it’s out in the open and a public joke people will get bored of it. People like intrigue and letting their imaginations run away with them. Fire it initially by performing stunts, and then just make it blatantly obvious that you are leaps and bounds ahead of the snoopers.

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A recent survey has shown that men face a minefield of confusion when it comes to the second date. The poll which interviewed 12,000 women suggested that if a word out of place, or a beard gets in the way of a goodnight peck on the first date, chances of a second date are slim.

Over half of the women also said that size mattered… shallow or what eh fellas!


The poll also fond that whilst men with stubble was very attractive, David Bellamy beards (with birds nesting in them) was a bit of a turn off.  Surprisingly women are more than happy to split the bill on the first date… BUT the catch is that he must offer first!

If that wasn’t enough, the poll found that most women craved commitment over one night stands yet over 70% of women love bad boys who don’t stick to rules.

I’m really confused… but then again I’m a man!

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Cheating on your partner is more often than not gonna end up getting you in trouble, and as this cartoon demonstrates pretty well - no ones clever enough to cover their tracks 100% of the time!


Honesty is the best policy in relationships. Pure and simple.

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Can you believe 38 million Europeans visited online personals in July alone this year! That’s 18% of us, whilst the States worked out to be 17% (still a huge number). No wonder Internet dating has exploded and we are hit with at least 5 pieces of spam from different sites every day!

The study also highlighted that Europeans viewed an average of 310 pages per visitor – 44 more pages that their US counterparts – maybe we are more choosy!

The European personals audience also grew by 26% in July compared to a very flat US market.
“In North America, large online personals sites like and Yahoo! Personals still lead the rankings in terms of reach, but their growth rates have slowed in the past year,” commented Bob Ivins, managing director of comScore Europe. “In Europe, more specialist local sites such as Meetic in France and iLove in Germany have become successful, experiencing double-digit growth and dominating the category in their home countries.”

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Little bit of fun, but thought you might like to add a few of these to your arsenal, it’s a great way to get rid of a date you don’t fancy!!!

How is it that when you pluck out a hair it seems that another 20 grow back in its place?

Are any of your mates likely to be up for it as well?

Can you please tell me if I am correct in assuming that the English language was perfected to an actual written language format by the Catholic Church in Rome, Vatican City?

If your program is written in Microsoft’s Visual Java and my program is written in Symantec’s Visual Cafe, can they both be made with Java Beans?

Do you have a preference for being on top or underneath?

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