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I thought Orlando already had it all until I heard he was going out with Kirsten Dunst… now he really does!


The Kingdom of Heaven star reportedly moved on from Kate Bosworth and fell for yet another blonde. The two stars recently met on the set of “Elizabethtown” and what do you know, they get it on. Kate was linked with Jake Gyllenhaal whilst they were filming so Orlando must have made a huge impression to have swooned her from The Brokeback Mountain star.

They have now been dating for a month or so and can be seen living it up in a raft of hotels across LA., and they are not afraid to express their affections in public. A friend of Orlando recently said he is smitten with the Spider Man’ star because she is fun loving and not obsessed with appearance or weight like so many other young actresses.


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The best way to stop an argument with a lover is to say something completely outrageous that will either kill the conversation dead or have them in hysterics. Don’t be stubborn, lay down one of these proven lines!


Say ‘show us your fairy’ if it’s a girl or ‘get your balls out’ if it’s a guy.

Grab your crotch and start thrusting towards the whilst singing ‘Beat It’.

Say “I can’t stop thinking about your mum/dad without anything on!”

You look filthy when you get angry, come here baby!

Pretend to faint, and when they get close grab them and snog the hell out of them!

Pull your pants down but keep a really straight face – this will really throw them along with the point they are trying to make!

Ask, in a very soft voice whether or not your partner would be prepared to watch a hard core video right there and then.

Say, “I think we should get married”! – This will really throw them and change the pace of the argument. You don’t have to mean it, but it may shut them up!

Say, “I really feel we should try swinging, I know a bloke and his wife….”

Threaten to throw the dog out the window unless they don’t shut the hell up!

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It’s that time of year again, office parties, plenty of booze and the gossip that follows into early next year about who snogged who.

Sometimes it can be the perfect opportunity to get into bed with that person you have been fantasizing about bent over the Xerox machine, but more often than not it can turn out to be a nightmare.

Almost all of us get our leg over!

Three recent surveys have revealed that Christmas office parties are breeding grounds for workplace affairs. The survey, carried out by a private investigation firm revealed that of all of the times for a wayward partner to start a workplace affair, the annual office holiday party is when it’s most likely to occur.

Another shocking fact from one of the surveys was that 49 percent of office workers said they’d be willing to have sex with a fellow employee at the Christmas party this year if the opportunity presented itself.


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Suffolk is next on my places to cover for ideas for romantic days out. It’s a beautiful rural county with loads on offer including old market towns, wildlife parks and rolling hills and an amazing coastline.

Here are some date suggestions then:

Bungay Castle  – Built in 1165 as a Norman stronghold, the castle offers a stunning setting. There is also a medievil festival to look out for that happens once a year.


Open: 5 Jan-23 Dec, daily, 1000-1600
Adults: £1

Bungay Castle

Tel: +44 (0) 1986 896156

Ickworth House, Park and Gardens – Makes for an extraordinary date! Built by the eccentric 4th Earl of Bristol it’s oval in shape and shows off some stunning paintings and furniture. Now owned by the National Trust check out the website to see what’s going on – normally something!


Open: 22 Mar-2 Nov
Adults: £6.10

Ickworth House, Park and Gardens
The Rotunda
Bury St Edmunds
IP29 5QE
Tel: +44 (0) 1284 735270


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Online dating sites have their uses apart from finding you love!

According to the recent story, an online dater was watching Americas Most Wanted on TV and matched a face of a potential date with that of a man on the show, wanted for the double slaying an elderly couple in Arkansas.

The man in question, a certain 26 year old Calvin Bennett was living in Wisconsin BUT dating through a Canadian site. Gotcha!

This flags up a huge debate, just how do you know that the person you meet online is not an axe murderer. The sites that are prospering at the moment are the ones that are carrying out all the background checks, and too right!

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