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If you are in the early – mid stages of dating then you need to stay as far away from these places as you possibly can. In no paticullar order:

Your parent’s house –
If you want to test their wits and get them running the 100m faster than Lindford ‘Lunchbox’ Christie then suggest a dinner date with your parents. It’s OK later on in the relationship, but too early can look too keen.

The local swimming pool or beach –
Ask yourself, do you really want them to see the hair protruding from your bikini or the pot belly you pretend you don’t have! Even if you don’t have these two things, people get very funny about how they look and showing too much flesh too early on.
This won’t get you any votes either!


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Here are 4 great habits that will do your relationship the world of good. The sooner you start them the happier you will be.

Give each other a little space – Allow your partner 10 – 30 minutes of time to themselves as soon as they walk in the door from work. This helps them relax and acquaint themselves with the surroundings once again. After this time you can nag them to empty the bin!!!

Say those three special words at least once a day – Saying “I love you”  reinforces how you feel to your partner. Even if you are struggling to feel loving at that particular time it’s still nice to hear. An alternative to ‘I love you’ is ‘you look amazing’.

Touchy feely – Touching in a relationship is hugely important as a subconscious way of expressing attraction on an ongoing basis. It’s subtle and can make someone feel wanted and loved. A great sexual and loving ‘touch’ could be a simple through the clothes massage or a hug!

Don’t be stubborn – Most of the fights we have with our loved one are over pathetic things that don’t even matter (only at the time). Even when they are big things we should never walk away holding a grudge. Swallow some pride and look them in the eyes saying that you don’t want a fight and lets go and do something fun instead (like shagging!).

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Cowardly rapper Kanye West got his assistant to call up sexy Amelle from the Sugarbabes to give her a hard time for tunning the baaaad boy down at least three times. Kanye was said to be furious as he doesn’t like to be ignored. Get over it you egotistical nobber!


Amelle, who is 21 has been dating a tree surgeon called Freddie Fuller for over three years told a UK paper:

“I couldn’t believe it when I got a call from Kanye’s assistant”.

“She said she was calling on behalf of Kanye who said he was furious because I had offended him by not dating him. I told her that Kanye knew I had a boyfriend, but she wasn’t having any of it”.

“She said he was not used to being treated like that, and I should be more considerate next time I see him.”

West’s interest in the Sugababe started in February when the pair met at the Brit Awards.

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London based Turks have recently been treated to their own dating website launched last Monday (late December 06). It’s already clocked up 100 new members in its first three days.

It’s called and was founded by a young Turkish couple based in London. It aggressively marketed itself across the capital’s Turkish communities with a poster campaign that has obviously done the job.


On of the owners said: “We’ve had so much interest, it’s been wonderful!”

The site has had an injection of cash to get it started and was an idea that stemmed from a holiday last April (as they often do). The website will include Turkish, German and Dutch language services by February, will include an email matching service for members, as well as text messaging, playlists for couples and events organisation for groups of singles.

“We want to go global in about six months, starting with an advertising campaign in Cyprus and Turkey” said the Managing Director. “We also plan on visiting a German city every fortnight to post flyers,” she added.


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An article by Tony Cohn, editor of People Search News

Finding Mr. Wrong It happens to all of us, one of our best girlfriends hooks with a total loser and falls for him, hard. No matter how hard you try to convince your friend to ditch her poorly chosen boyfriend, it is often hard to tell her exactly why you don’t trust or like the new guy without causing an argument-think K-Fed and Britney.

So what can you do about this guy whom you know is just plain trouble? In the past, you have handled this situation by trying to beg your friend to dump him or just letting your friend find out on her own that her boyfriend is a loser. Often, your friend may perceive that you are attacking her new boyfriend without cause and your relationship may suffer. Ultimately, this may lead to your friend cutting off all contact with you and her peer group.
All of these points must be taken into account before talking to your friend about her bad boyfriend.

Unfortunately, without any more evidence than your gut feeling, it may be unreasonable to expect your friend to break up with her boyfriend merely on your urging. However, with the emergence of online investigative web sites, you now have a solid weapon to use against bad boyfriends everywhere: the background check.


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