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The leggy blonde most famous for her grand opening and closing in Basic Instinct (yes we’ve all pressed pause on the video to check!)has confirmed that she is an item with Christian Slater, and even that they will spend a romantic Christmas together.

The marvels of a good surgeon!

She’s a glamorous and sexually driven 48 year old and he’s a 37 year old 80’s star. They recently attended a party for fashion label Dolce & Gabbana at the Chateau Marmont Hotel in Los Angeles arm-in-arm and clearly let everyone know they were an item.

A friend of sexy Sharon said; “They’re both really happy - but they don’t have long-term expectations. It’s a fun fling for the holidays and Sharon is a good influence. She rarely drinks and has three kids. It’s a good match for now.”

Slater you lucky b*stard!

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Why date Pete ‘smack-ed’ Doherty when she can have me? OK so I’m no drug crazed punk singer… but at least I’d be sober for most of our dates!


Has she really done what everyone else is telling her to do and dropped that loser? He clearly isn’t marriage material and I’d hate to think he’d be able to pass his genes on in time. According to The Sun newspaper she has ditched him, especially after he was caught up in the death of a partygoer at a recent do in which he attended. It appears that wherever he goes, so does trouble. The supermodel has been seen without her rumoured engagement ring recently, especially when she took off to Jamaica for a bit of winter sun… without boy wonder.

I guess you could argue that he has done wonders for her career, getting caught up with the drugs scene as well as Doherty romance been the highlight of most celeb dating columns for such an unlikely match. Maybe if Jude Law’s career goes down the pan he can think about dating Jane Goody - will be up there with the gods once again!!!

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Valentines Day is officially recognised by the Christian and Catholic Church who have records of three martyred saints called Valentine or Valentinus.

The ‘original’ love doctor!
One popular theory contests that a priest named Valentine who dates back to the third Century in Rome defied Emperor Claudius II who decided single men made better soldiers than those with wives and families, in-fact the Emperor outlawed marriage for young men. The young priest continued to perform marriages for lovers in secret until he was found out and Claudius ordered that he be put to death.

Another theory suggests that Valentine may have been captured and killed by the Romans for helping Christians escape from Roman rule and imprisonment. According to scripture Valentine himself was sent to prison where he fell in love with a girl (possibly the jailer’s daughter) who secretly visited him during his confinement. Before his death, it is alleged that he wrote her a letter, which he signed ‘From your Valentine,’ an expression that is still in use today.

Valentine is today still one of the most popular saints in England and France.

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If you are in a relationship where you have grown to love each other, but more as a brother sister kind of thing then this article is for you. In the past we’ve looked at
now it’s time to look at ways to stay friends. I’ve managed to stay friends with all my ex’s, and I’m really proud of that. There are a couple of rules of thumb that will ensure you remain good mates, and I’ve listed these below:

1. Give it time – don’t expect to be best buddies as soon as you break up. You will be kidding yourself if you believe this can happen. It will happen but you both need time to assess who you have grown to become and just rest from the other person. Six months with limited contact is recommended. By this time you’ll both have moved on and not be tempted for booty call.

2.No booty calls!!! – Before you pick up your mobile in the pub after a few beers and start typing things like ‘What are you up to right now?’ think about the other person and your motivations. No doubt you will be looking for an easy shag – but this can put even more distance between you as the relationship enters into a whole new stage.



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Why do we celebrate valentines day? A question I’ve always asked myself, is it just glamorised by greedy card companies and rose growers?

NO, valentines greetings go back to 1400 when lovers apparently sang to their valentines. The oldest recorded written valentine is on show at the British Museum.

A hand made, wire and paper original Victorian valentines card.

Interestingly enough there were a few kinds of valentines cards given back in the old days:

Pinprick valentines - made by pricking tiny holes in a paper with a pin or needle. creating the look of lace

Cutout valentines - made by folding the paper several times and then cutting out a lacelike design with small, sharp, pointed scissors

Acrostic valentines - had verses in which the first lines spelled out the loved one’s name



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