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Getting to the date stage is tough enough for many of us… then you have to think about whether they will like you, you will like them and all that other crap!

That’s why I wrote this article… so you don’t have to worry any more about what questions to ask on the date – just use this as guidance. It is so important to get good, honest and open answers from them and that’s why they are quite broad topics so will lead onto other conversation. We all hate awkward silences.

Don’t whatever you do turn up with one of these!

The key is to understand a topic you are both comfortable with and go from there. So in no particular order:

1 – What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
A great one to ease the atmosphere, smiles will appear and you will immediately see their sense of humour. Don’t forget that you will probably be asked the same question.

2 – What are your ambitions in life?
Useful question to see just how ambitious and driven they really are. Try not to get into too heavy a conversation about it as it can end up like a job interview!


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There are some true blaggers out there and often they get away with people believing they truly are communicating with Miss Azerbaijan 1987! Normally you arrange the date only to find she or he was ‘Gurner’ of the year 2006


There are a couple of simple techniques to tell if they are really lying however.

Photo proof please – Ask them to email a photo. If they are pretending to be somepone else they will normally hesitate and delay… and then if you get a picture of a stunner or a stud, be wary!

They make a big thing of how much they earn –This normally means that they are insecure about what they really earn which is normally a fraction of what they say they do. If they keep repeating their salary and are really materialistic, be wary! Even if they do, do you really want someone so materialistic?


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I’ll shortly be going into detail about some of the most successful topics of conversation to discuss on a date, but in the meantime I thought I’d tell you what doesn’t go down… at all!

To be honest, the pressure is on you enough on a first date and the last thing you want to be doing is pulling out a notebook half way through the date and ticking off questions. Dates are there to enjoy yourself in someone else’s company, it’s not a job interview (although sometimes it feels like one!)

Body language suggests she wants to run a mile!

Anyway onto the NO NO subjects for conversation on a date:

Politics – boring, boring, boring. Hardly anyone cares, and if they do they are normally opinionated.

Racism – It’s a negative subject that, if really interests you, you should bring up on later dates.


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For all those who haven’t heard of him, he’s the little fat baby with wings who goes round pubs just before closing times and convinces you that the ugliest people look amazing and are definitely worth a shag!

Well, I can now reveal where the little tyke came from:

He started off existence in ancient Greece under the name of Eros the young son of Aphrodite. Back then he was known for his mischievous nature and love arrows that he would fire at people’s hearts making them fall in love. But to the Roman’s, he was called Cupid, and his mother was Venus.

Cupid & his bird, Psyche.

The legend of Cupid went a little like this; he met a bird called Psyche. His mum got jealous of her being better looking than her and ordered Cupid (her son) to punish the mortal. He didn’t do this, but instead fell head over heels in love with Psyche and made her his wife… only one catch, she wasn’t allowed to look at him because he was a God!


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….and women think they are worse looking than they are?

This question bugs me because I have no logical explanation for it. If you are honest with yourself you will agree. Men have this thing that they believe they are far more desirable than they usually are, and the majority of women feel they are constantly ugly.

This is the sort of clown I’m talking about!

It’s obviously a question of esteem BUT why is it different for men than it is for women – the mission dollar question!

No doubt there is some long winded, high fluted medical explanation all to do with hormones or something, but personally I feel it’s to do with evolution.

My theory is that when we were apes, us men had the share of the ladies if we fought off the other male threats to our tribe. Male apes were therefore the dominant ones and in control. This in turn gave us the pick of the bunch and gave us big egos to go with our sex drive, whilst the females were competing amongst themselves for the dominant male to shag them, making them feel less dominant… Our DNA may have changed BUT have our thought processes and emotions?

Am I completely off the mark?

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