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It was recently claimed that sites that allow old flames to hook up are adding to UK’s rising divorce rate. Research shows that since 2003 divorce is at its highest rate for 7 years.

Experts have claimed that sites like, and other social networking sites are making it too easy to hook up with old flames and reigniting the fires.

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It’s possibly a little unfair to blame these sites because if you get married and are tempted to stray, then you shouldn’t have got married in the first place!

Spokeswoman Carolynne Bull-Edwards for told BBC News Online that almost 12 million people - around 47% of UK internet users - were registered on the site.

“There are very, very occasionally unhappy stories. For every one unhappy story there are literally hundreds of happy customers,” she said.

“We are an intermediary delivering on our promise to reunite people. What happens beyond that is not within our control.”


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You won’t be forgiven in thinking this is a load of Hollywood guff that some journalist has dreampt up. Surely the Cloonsmeister is far to intelligent to date Tommy Lee’s Ex, Pammy. Fair play to the bloke, you’d thought he’d have a little more taste that’s all – we’ve all seen the pics of Pammy without make up and it aint pleasant. If the boobs were real then fair enough… but they aint!


The two lovebirds were recently spotted frolicking together on an intimate dinner date. The venue was a private room at Sherman Oaks, California, restaurant the Valley Inn on 7th Jan 2007.

Since that date where Pammy was spotted sitting on Clooney’s lap, the two have een seen out and about a fair amount – even walking their dogs together.

A pal reportedly said, “George and Pam have been determined to keep this one quiet.”

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The ‘bad boy’ Irish actor Colin Farrell is openly dating sexy Nicola Ward who he met when recently filming a Woody Allen film in London.


Nicola actually rejected a place in the girl group Girls Aloud, she’s hugely confident. The 24 year old was recently quoted as saying that the relationship was in its infancy but is clearly fond of the SWAT star who is now 30.

“It’s early days so I don’t want to say too much. We met randomly when he was filming and he took my number. I didn’t think in a million years he’d get in touch, so I was really surprised when he called. I enjoy his company and, yes, he’s a real gent.”

He’s obviously a reformed man!!!

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She may be able to beat you within an inch of your life with one punch or even have a bigger bulge down there than you (if she’s taken enough steroids!), but there are some real benefits to dating a female bodybuilder.

1 - When you can’t open a stubborn jar in the kitchen – hand it over to her for instant release!


2 – Getting a ‘hand shandy’ you can guarantee that it will be a good grip! None of this limp wristed rubbish.

3 – If you get in a fight in a pub, just throw her into the middle of the ruck and sit back, light a cigar and enjoy seeing her kick some ass!

4 – You get loads of time to play on the Xbox as she’s always pumping down the gym, brilliant.

5 – With all that testosterone pumping round her body she’s gonna be horny as a dog most of the time, your sex life will move to a new level.

Got a taste for it have you… well go here!

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Good old Robbie is at it again, but this time for a much younger model rather than an older one. He’s gone and fallen for the gorgeous Michelle Trachtenberg who played Dawn Summers in the cult show Buffy… and who the hell wouldn’t!

Prize for the best caption!

“Robbie really likes Michelle — he especially loves her sense of humour. They`re having a great time just hanging out,” the News of the World reports.

“As we all know, Robbie doesn`t have a high celebrity profile in the States despite many attempts to launch his career over there. So as far as Michelle is concerned, she`s just spending time with a normal bloke from a place called Stoke. That`s just how Rob likes it,” the source added.

Go on my son! (you lucky %$&*$ӣ!!!)

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