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A recent survey carried out by a global research firm called Synovate found that 2 out of five online daters in the US say they meet their long term partner or spouse through the internet. The average spend is around £100 per year although this is dropping with the rise of social networking sites.

Even more surprising is that online daters are starting to look past photos when deciding who to chat to. In fact, 40 percent say they mainly rely on the personality in the written descriptions, while 33 percent just want someone that meets basic criteria such as shared hobbies and interests.

Of the single people who haven’t tried online dating, 33% say they avoid it because it could be dangerous.

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The number of people signing up to online dating in the States is falling according to new research. Last year, only 10% of Internet users visited at least one online dating site, down from 16% in 2005 and 21% in 2002, says a recent report. Traffic to seven of the top 10 online dating sites declined in the last year, says Nielsen/Net-Ratings. Some fell 30%.

So why is this? Put it down to the novelty factor disappearing for a start as well as the rising amount of FREE social networking sites such as My Space. Another reason for the decline is a cut in advertising revenues or the fact that so many dating sites are popping up that, whilst far smaller in size than the leading giants, are aimed at specific communities (e.g. dating site aimed specifically at Star Trek fans).


Also, many online dating sites try to attract new members by letting people post personal profiles for free. But users have to pay to contact other members. Most aren’t willing to take that step.

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The two celebs have recently been seen at a number of events together, notably the opening of Oprah Winfrey’s school in South Africa (what is it with celebs and Africa at the moment!?).


The R & B singer and Hollywood icon traveled together in South Africa as well as turned up together at Mary J. Blige’s pre-Grammy party at Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith’s house in L.A.

However when the New York Times asked Tucker’s rep if the two were dating, the response was: “Not that I’ve heard.”

Tucker is currently filming Rush Hour 3 in Los Angeles, while India Arie has a break before resuming her tour behind ‘Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship’ in March.

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One of the first things you want to know about a prospective date is whether or not they are the truthful type. A new website called does what it says on the tin. If you have been married before and want to find someone that is also in the same boat then look no further – at least they are being honest from the outset.

This website is exclusively for Americans at the moment however it won’t be long before we have something like this in the UK and Europe no doubt.

The site also carries out rigorous monthly background safety checks on its members through a sophisticated automated process. If state records do not match a potential members’ reported marital status then that member and profile will be removed from the site.

“Bottom line: does not allow members who are not currently single,” said co-founder Julie Boyce. “What does this mean to our community? It means they are protected from those who categorize themselves as “married but looking.”

MarriedBefore also screens for criminal histories and cross-references profiles with the sex offender registry. If a potential member has been convicted of a serious felony they will be removed from the site and if warranted reported to the proper authorities.

The kind fellows are even offering a free trial; just go here and enter Promotional Code: “SaferDating”.

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As a nice person you should be looking out for your mates, and that includes spotting opportunities for love with the social networks you encounter throughout life. I’m sure they’d do the same for you.

You don’t actually have to dress up like a nob by the way!

Matchmaking is actually the most preferred method of meeting people (a recent survey showed), because it brings into play all the personal aspects of dating which Online tends to lose. You’ve heard the expression – ‘there’s no better than a recommendation’!

The main thing to do is to ensure that your friend(s) are entirely comfortable with your judgement of who may be suitable, and be up for allowing you into their personal life. Things can go drastically wrong if they are not interested!

Remember that as the matchmaker, you should organise the venue and book the quietest , candle lit table if being a restaurant rendezvous. Do your best to give the couple’s chances of success the biggest lift. They will thank you and respect will grow.


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