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The famous US brand Taco Bell is launching a new product called the ‘all-new 7-Layer Crunchwrap’. Being British I’ve no idea what the hell is in it but it must be something special as it’s offering one single lucky ‘sports fan’ the opportunity to pop the big question during a Major League Baseball game nationally televised on FOX on the luckiest day of the century: 7/7/07.


This is a marketing ploy with a difference - In an ultimate expression of user generated content, the lucky winner will be able to utilize, for the first time ever, the 21st century technology of virtual signage behind home plate and tailor a specific wedding proposal to their significant other. Forget hiring a sky writer or plane towing a banner to grab someone’s attention, this virtual signage will be displayed on every television broadcasting the Major League Baseball game and seen by millions, making it one of the most watched proposals in history.


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Biologist, Dr Barry Gibb has recently claimed that sleeping with someone on a first date can increase chances of a long term relationship.


His new book, The Rough Guide to The Brain, talks about sex creating chemical reactions that lead to love and commitment, therefore the sooner it happens the better!!!

Dr Gibb said “behind all those romantic coy looks is a brain on chemical rampage”.

If that’s not an excuse to try it on early, then I don’t know what is!

Posted by Hayden Allen-Vercoe on Sat 28th April 2007 at 07:26 AM, Filed in Niche Dating

This year’s poll winner for the London tube station (underground) that passengers are most likely to fall for each other is Bermondsey, South London.


Tottenham Court Road was voted the least romantic.

The poll was conducted by Craigslist, the online noticeboard that includes a section for lovestruck strap-hangers called Missed Connections. It’s a cracking little idea that you should definately look at if you find youself stuck on the tube staring at someone… and you don’t have the time to make your approach - it’s a longshot but they may have felt the same emotions for you and posted a message.


Posted by Patrick Woolmer on Fri 27th April 2007 at 05:00 AM, Filed in Tips For Dating

Starting back in the dating as a senior can be as exciting or as daunting as you like. Often it’s the latter and understandably. You may have had a traumatic divorce, lost someone or generally not been tied down for some years.

So what advice can I give you to provide you the best chance of success?

• Use the wisdom you have developed and be very casual about dating in the early stages. No doubt you have hobbies and interests, and finding a partner willing to try something new isn’t that hard. Even if it’s a lazy afternoon golfing, a outdoors concert of music you both enjoy, or a relaxed picnic in a hideaway you know. Stay clear of long formal dates in the early days such as dinners and family reunions.

• With time on your hands (if retired) try something new, join a salsa club, running club, golf course, or something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the time. As soon as you find something you are comfortable doing you will instantly become more attractive.

Whilst times may have changed, people certainly haven’t, especially from your generation. If anything they have chilled out some what! Lose the anxiety and remember that you are mixing with people that have been there and done it already so almost always nothing is new apart from emotions.

Posted by Bob Bulmer on Thu 26th April 2007 at 04:32 AM, Filed in Tips For Online Dating

If you are fortunate enough to meet a suitable partner online and the relationship clearly has legs, you have to both make a decision as to when you remove your online dating profiles. If one of you does and the other doesn’t then this can cause concern, however if you remove it too quickly the it may look a bit keen. So when is right?

The answer is a simple one; take your time and don’t rush into anything with your new date. Keep them guessing (they will be doing the same) for around 1 – 2 months, and if the relationship does take off then bring it up in conversation adding a bit of humour to it “I’m even thinking of removing my online profile” or something else lighthearted but with a deeper meaning and see how they react.

By keeping your options open for 1-2 months you re also covering yourself if this date turns out to be another frog – nothing wrong with tha at all. It may work out that you also have already paid for access anyhow.

If you are serious about taking your profile off, ensure they are feeling the same way and prepared to follow suit. If they aren’t then they may not be as serious as you – use the situation to your advantage and gauge just how interested they are.

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