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With great debate currently as to the future of subscription based online dating, and what the emergence of social networking sites such as FaceBook is doing to the market, this poll presents some astonishing results:

Of the 49 percent of survey respondents who claimed to have interacted with an online dating Web site, more than 20 percent were committed users, either by paying for a subscription or using a free service. Another 29 percent admit to at least browsing profiles, even if they don’t take that final step of signing up and making a connection. Those who do commit tend to stick around - 62 percent trying their luck for two months or longer.


Sixty-eight percent of respondents prefer services that provide personality questionnaires, analyze compatibility and offer matchmaking recommendations. And users want that service for free, too. Free sites are preferred over subscription services at a ratio of five-to-one.

Finally, the report shows online daters to be highly selective. Most (58 percent) rely primarily on photographs to quickly filter their field of prospective matches. Deal breakers that tend to cause prospects to be rejected include smoking (23 percent say no) and having children (32 percent aren’t interested). As for physical characteristics, 45 percent will reject someone because of his/her weight, and another 33 percent will disqualify those outside their age range.

What a shallow race we are!

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British pop star Natasha Bedingfield has recently stated she finds the dating divide between the UK and US huge. Having spent the last couple of years getting her career off the ground in the US, she admits she finds US men super confident and not afraid of rejection.


She also concedes she’s often the one to approach potential boyfriends back home in Britain. She says, “Guys in America are a bit more forward than in England. You can be out, food shopping, and guys will just come up to you and go, ‘I just have to ask, will you go out with me?’ and I’m like, ‘Erm, no!’”

“Here (in the UK), the guy has to be pissed before he can ask you. That’s why I can do the asking. I’ve never been a person who gives out their number on the street.”

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It takes a big person to say sorry! None of us like to be wrong, that’s all part of being human, however someone who can appreciate when they have done wrong and apologise sincerely for it makes a highly desirable partner.

Making them happy and healthy again
It’s scientific fact that tension caused by someone’s wrongdoing can have a dramatically negative effect on a persons health. In fact, an August 2002 Psychology Today article titled “I’m Sorry” states:
“An apology is crucial to our mental and even physical health. Recent research shows that receiving an apology has a noticeable, positive physical effect on the body. An apology actually affects the bodily functions of the person receiving it—blood pressure decreases, heart rate slows and breathing becomes steadier.”


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I’ll start by saying that this is a tried and tested idea. It’s a guaranteed tear jerker and will get you back that gold star back (if you’ve been a bad boy/girl!)

I call it the ‘100 reasons why I love you’ book. Buy a small notebook from a stationers, pick out their favourite colour. Write down on scrap paper 100 reasons why you love your other half. Think of all the things and experiences you have shared and include them and the feelings you felt.

Once happy with your 100 best reasons, in your best writing and a nice pen, fill each page with a reason. Make sure the last page is a real tear jerker as you want to finish on a high.

If you want to make this really special or you have writing like a rapist, use a professional calligrapher to do the writing itself – just give him/her your list long with the notebook.


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12 Chinese dating websites have just been accused of promoting prostitution by China’s internet watchdog. The sites have been ordered to amend their content by 1st June or face the axe.

One of the site’s members profile showed a posting from a young woman describing herself as a “professional pleasure giver.”

“The outrageous pimping content in some websites is very shocking,” said the Beijing Online News and Information Panel, consisting of government officials, experts and representatives.

“Aiding and abetting the spread of prostitution information in pursuit of higher hit rate may be against the law,” said Min Dahong, director of the panel.

The accused sites were found to be posting “service items, pricing and contact information.”

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