Posted by Bob Bulmer on Fri 31st August 2007 at 02:56 AM, Filed in Niche Dating

Here’s a niche site for all you calorie watching, protein shake drinking, sweaty athletes. It’s a US site at the moment but create enough demand and you’ll see one pop up in the UK.


Now you can go on a date and both keep looking in the mirror, flexin of course!

The site itself is free to join, then you pay up if you wanna hook up. You can chat, upload audio and video, and more.

Reasons to date an athlete:
- You can guarantee they’ll have the stamina in the bedroom.
- They’ll have a great ass.
- None or very little flab to get lost in.
- Often very passionate lovers.

Posted by Ruth Miller on Thu 30th August 2007 at 07:05 AM, Filed in Romantic Gifts

Here’s a lovely piece of design from the States called the FlirtStation. It was designed by a very sexy lady called Shannon South with the purpose to promote face-to-face communication and interaction. I can’t imagine she as too much problem with this though having seen her photo on her website!


Two can share this bench that will naturally allow connection to occur and will create a place where focus will be placed only the person seated with.

Made of solid wood with maple veneer this will provide you years worth of flirting.

Posted by Patrick Woolmer on Wed 29th August 2007 at 04:03 AM, Filed in Tips For Dating

There are so many reasons for feeling the need to cheat on our other halves, understanding them may help you both come to terms on why it happened, giving you something to work on to fix it.

If you have a forgiving partner then you may be lucky, but if you cheat don’t expect just to stroll straight back into the relationship and everything to be OK… you’ll need to focus on getting the trust back.

Reasons for infidelity and how to fix them:

Boredom is a massive relationship killer - Try spicing things up in the bedroom!

Arguing about silly things – Try a change of scene, get out of your immediate surrounds and see what happens.


Posted by Bob Bulmer on Tue 28th August 2007 at 03:43 AM, Filed in General Dating

Why is it that most people like to keep it quiet about meeting their other half on the internet? Are they ashamed because they couldn’t do it gong down the bar, or perhaps at a more romantic setting. I can see that some people may think this presents a weakness… but common, times have changed and we live in a world of trying to save time and money in whatever we do. Gone are the days to be embarrassed about it, maybe at the beginning of the Internet dating scene, but certainly not now.

For some reason blokes are more embarrassed about it than women, obviously an ego thing.

Internet dating saves so much time… think about it, for a small fee (free these days) you are told who you are suited to and all you have to do is check out their photo and see if you like them.

Are you embarassed about dting online and if so why?

Posted by Bob Bulmer on Mon 27th August 2007 at 01:09 AM, Filed in Tips For Dating

Ladies I’m gonna let you into a few little secrets about millionaire men and how to get them crawling after you and bombarding you with gifts.

It could be you!

Firstly let me explain to you that men who have made their own money have normally worked hard for it, started out in business and realised their dream by being driven, demanding and never giving up on what they are striving to achieve. Now put yourself into the equation – if men with money make you weak at the knees like it will do most ladies then you may as well get to the back of the queue! However if you aren’t star struck or humble to them, then they will take an interest in you. You see it works like this, these guys command a wad of cash and can buy pretty much anything they want. As soon as they can’t have something AND they can’t buy it they want it more… and more… until it drives them wild with excitement. They cherish a challenge and will do anything to make their life more exciting.

So what can you do to get their attention?


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