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With just minutes to make a great impression on a load of strangers the pressure is on!

How are you going to be remembered? You don’t just want to be a grey mass that nobody really remembers – you want to be the one that everyone enjoys being with and therefore the one spoilt for choice at the end of the night.

So how can you create a lasting impression when speed dating?

• Wear something that gives you confidence as well as colour! Find out the colours that suit your skin tone for free here

• Have a couple of drinks beforehand to relax and give you confidence… but don’t go crazy, nobody likes a pisshead!

• Use open body language – read my articles on body language here… they will set you in good stead for indicating if you like someone and telling if they like you



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Texting is simple, fast and cheap… and it avoids us actually talking therefore appeals to many of us who may not be confident enough to ask someone out face to face. It’s an acceptable way of flirting and getting a date BUT there are some rules you must adhere to:

Flirt with caution
Texting doesn’t have a ‘tone of voice’, in other words people read it according to how they feel at the time. Text something a little too sexy and they may take it entirely the wrong way and brand you a pervert! Remember that what you send is on their phone until they decide to delete it so if they want to they could show it to all their friends and make a mockery of you. The best thing to do is keep them guessing – don’t give too much away… use they psychology to get them thinking about your text and a possible double meaning.



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For all of you who didn’t realise, National Singles week has now been and gone (September 17 -21). But with it came some very interesting survey results commissioned by Yahoo! Personals.

singles, including single parents, view themselves as more so or just as happy, financially secure, and adventurous as their married counterparts. Almost nine out of 10 singles (88 percent) say they are just as, if not more, happy than their married counterparts.

The survey also found that while single parents list finding someone as the most challenging aspect of dating, they face a unique test when deciding how to introduce a date to their children. Twenty eight percent of single parents wait until they envision a future with their significant other before introducing him/her to their children. At the other end of the spectrum, 19 percent bite the bullet and make the introductions when they first start dating.

The survey results about singles’ lives add context to a U.S. Census Bureau announcement earlier this year that more American women were living without husbands than with them, and a 2005 finding that for the first time, married couples had become a minority of all U.S. households.

When asked about how they perceive themselves in relation to their married friends:

• 88 percent of all singles surveyed say they are just as, if not more, happy;
• 81 percent feel they are just as, or more, successful in their career;
• 72 percent feel they are just as, or more, financially secure;
• 84 percent say they are just as, or more, open to new experiences; and
• 78 percent feel that they are just as, or more, physically fit.


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Chemical Brother, Ed Simons (37) is the new, lucky man to be dating Lily Allen (22). She recently split from record Exec Seb Chew (30) after a 2 year romance.


Lilly has been spotted attending the chemical brothers discography concert in London’s Trafalgar Square from the VIP area earlier this month.

A source told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “They are seeing more and more of each other and having a lot of fun. They have a lot in common.

“He could be just what Lily needs after splitting from Seb.”


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Couples getting hitched in England and Wales has dipped to the lowest level on record, falling by 10% on average and a whopping 35% in London, year on year, proving that being married isn’t what people want today.


The pressures of work, financial binds and a desire to hold on to your freedom as long as you possibly can be blamed.

With the average cost of a wedding in the UK being £20,000 + it’s not surprising really!

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