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It’s out the bag, Orlando has found love in sexy Australian model Miranda Kerr. He met her recently and had an even more recent run in with a parked Porsche when he took a sharp corner in his motor trying to get rid of the pestering paparazzi!


According to many leaks to the press recently, they have been mates for a while and have just decided to give romance a whirl.

Bloom is in trouble with the law however after walking away from the accident (it was claimed) and those pesky paparazzi have it all on camera!!!

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It’s a known fact tht the majority of young muslims today have their parents select the partner they will epend the rest of theor lives with. Whilst many of us outside of the muslim faith can’t comprehend this it works for muslims.

However many muslims are now logging on for love because they are not breaking any of theior islamic laws and physically dating before they marry.

One such website is based in India and called has 10 million members, 700,000 of them being based in the UK. And of the 100,000 members of, 10% are british.


These websites have been clever enough to respect traditional rules and allow such functionality as ‘parent browsing and organise cheperones’. A whopping 10% of profiles on have been uploaded by parents!

Are we seeing the new wave of muslims hapy to rely on technology to find their siblings a suitable partner? It cerainly makes sense to me, I am sure that this way of sourcing a partner will solve the huge issue of unwanted brides and grooms.


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You can do too much dating you know… the pressure is on for you to succeed with all your mates and family eagerly asking you on a daily basis whether ‘last night’s date was the one!’

If you’ve been dating for a while without settling with one particular partner then you also become tired of having the same conversations with each different date. The end result its that you get tired and very bored of dating!

All the effort you put into meeting someone new is also a huge stress – the calls, emails, the adrenalin rush (when you like them), the late nights … the list goes on!

The truth of the matter is that if we keep looking for that certain someone you just don’t find them I’m afraid. Yep, you may have a few sexy nights with different partners but does that make you really that happy – then you start thinking and get even more tired thinking about it!

If his sounds like you, you are not alone I’m pleased to tell you. There is a solution I am pleased to say… TAKE A BREAK FROM DATING!

It’s as easy as that. Stop going to those singles nights, speed dating lunches and meeting prospects online when you get back home… turn the computer off and chill out!

You’re more likely to find someone if you do this anyway because you will be relaxed and truly at peace with yourself for a change!

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Well here’s a novel new dating service called ‘Dates with mates’. It claims o be the first ‘double dating’ website and it basically encourages you to go on dates accompanied by your mates so they even get a chance of getting lucky.


It’s another FREE service so no change there, you are billed when you want to get hooked up with someone.  Where it’s different is that you can meet dating buddies online who you can take along as a ‘wing man’ on a date.

Dating duos are classed as ‘Teams’ and when registered you will have full access to go check out an interesting combo.

And NO fellas… they aren’t all lesbians who cover themselves in honey before you get too excited!

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Believe it or not dating in New York has taken a new twist with the introduction of Bar Code dating. It’s actually a form of sign language used by singles to say anything from ‘you’re a hottie’ to ‘get lost!’

A popular sign is this (used when you are already with someone) – ‘The Committed Clutch’: put one arm out and hold the wrist with your opposite hand, it means “I wish I could BUT I’m on a date”!

If you like someone then you can always try the ‘Later Loop’, circling your index fingers round each other (means “I can’t get away now but maybe later”)


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