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Has Lewis Hamilton just got the best life ever! He’s rolling in dough, everyone loves him.. AND he’s just snared the sexiest one out of the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger.

I’m completely jealous and I’m not going to hide it!

The News of the World can revealed the pair have started dating after meeting at the MTV European Music Awards last week.


Sex kitten Nicole, 29, got Lewis’ heart beating with a full-throttle perfor-mance of single Baby Love with of the Black Eyed Peas. He was caught on screen telling a pal: “She’s so hot, isn’t she?”


Posted by Tom Wilkins on Tue 20th November 2007 at 05:36 AM, Filed in General Dating to think of something original for your dog for Christmas, and getting annoyed with all the leg humping… well this little gadget is for you, well… your dog in fact!

A doggie sex doll is exactly what they need and you can pick one up in time for Christmas day at the Feel Addicted website.
He really will be your best friend from now on!

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No wonder we Brits are making dating internet entrepreneurs rich looking at these statistics:

• 5.6 million singles haven’t been on a date in more than six months.

• Only one in seven first dates will lead to a second date.


Europe’s largest dating service, recently uncovered some fascinating stats (above). In the UK, 13 million of us are single, and the cause; “a build up of dating toxins”. Psychiatrist Dr Victoria Lukats said “Forget the usual excuses … hectic lifestyle, lack of time and a dearth of suitable people … It’s not lifestyle that’s holding people back from forming a relationship – it’s what’s going on in their head.”


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It’s no secret, if you want to get the guy you really like and they appear to like you then you need to act busy!

Yes, when he calls make him wait, set a timer to go off or something and tell him “Sorry, I gotta go get the dinner on”. Making him wait will make him want you more, you see you re a conquest to him and the harder you make it the more he wants it!


So, there’s no better excuse to go and fill your diary with exciting past times, try something new, meet new friends… the list is endless – just make yourself busy and they’ll come running!

When you aren’t thinking about it, it just happens! Ever heard the saying ’ when it rains it pours’, well the only reason it does is that you are truly not thinking about dating and find other things to engross your mind in.

Posted by Ruth Miller on Thu 15th November 2007 at 08:02 AM, Filed in General DatingTips For First Dates

Picture this, your on a blind date and the guy is an absolute dog… what can you do to get rid of him and fast!

Well the first thing to do is concentrate on your body language, show him you’r not interested by not making eye contact and crossing as many things as possible – this shows him that you don’t want to let him in to your space.

Looking at your watch regularly should also give him the message. We live in a dog eat dog world so don’t feel bad about it either!

You could always send them here….

Steering a conversation all about you presents a self centered lady and one that isn’t particularly attractive, but never be afraid to bring out boring conversation topics like politics or religion.

A couple of personal digs could also be brought out… ‘what are you wearing!’ is always a winner along with ‘I bet you haven’t had many relationships’ always turns them off.

Men aren’t stupid (although they sometimes look it) so a quick visit to the ladies with the handbag only to come out saying ‘there’s an emergency and my friend needs me’ always gets the message through even the heartiest of men.

If that lot doesn’t get the message through then perhaps you ought to look a little deeper and realise that ‘yes’ he likes me… he’s past my first test and he’s still here so is he worth getting to know under that ugliness?

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