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The words “you lucky bas%t£rd” come to mind!

Prince has got his purple reign on two of his backing singers and it turns out they are twins too. Surely that’s every heterosexual man’s dream!


The two beauties come from the Caribbean and like to keep their identities a secret and refer to themselves as the ‘Twinz’.

“Prince is a huge fan of ours. He is someone who likes to have beautiful women around him,” the Caribbean pair recently said.
“He is a cool cat, always dressed to impress. And he keeps us laughing all the time.”

I bet he’s laughing more than they are!!!

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The two Holiday starts are officially an item. Don’t you just love it when two Hollywood heart throbs get it on, it’ll do a great deal for Anglo-American relations too no doubt.


The two reportedly hooked up recently and according to the News of the World, Law is jetting out to the US this week to spend some quality time with Diaz. A source told the newspaper: “Jude plans to take her on a series of dinner dates this week and just spend some time hanging out.” “The key to their relationship has always been the fun, so that’s what they’re hoping for this week.” “Cameron and Jude really bonded while working together but now that friendship has turned into a romance.” Cameron Diaz previously said about Law: “He’s charismatic, fun, open and charming. It’s very easy to fall in love with him.”

Don’t you just wanna puke!!!

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Erm… according to US Weekly nope. It’s just a fling between 37 year old Perry and 45 year old Ryan.


The supergrass said: “they’re definitely still a couple.” But they don’t know “where it’s going,” “but they love being together and are having fun.”

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Whilst the 60’s star may have gone through 2 marriages, she’s back on the dating scene looking for a fella to relight her fire.

At 58 I have to say she still looks boodiful, but word has it she’s finding the dating game hard work. Mind you being married to Bee Gee Maurice Gibb and hairdresser John Frieda can’t be easy!

”It’s a very strange thing to start dating again in your 50s,” she says.  “I don’t think it’s fun at all waiting for the phone to ring again but, then, I found dating difficult and awkward when I was young.”

And Lulu hasn’t ruled out walking down the aisle one more time.

”I’m hopeful that I will get married again,” she tells the Daily Express.

”But it’s not a case of ‘I’ve got to” or “I must.’ Who knows if it’s in my future but I kind of feel it might be.”

She’s still a very desirable MILF in my book!

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With P Diddy’s confirmed split with Kim Porter the press has been having a field day with rumors that he’s been linked with sexy Sienna Miller, Jude Law’s ex.


Rumors started at the concert for Princess Dianna after party where the two appeared extremely friendly and flirted together. In fact 6 bouncers surrounded the two stars who actually met back in January at the Sundance Film Festival in January.

Diddy’s people are still denying any romance saying “There is literally nothing between them.” Diddy actually told the London Telegraph, “D’you know that I’ve never been out with a British woman in my life?”

Sienna’s people on the other hand are telling the press that she is dating someone new.

The body language says it all!

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