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Not so common AcronymnsI’ve often wondered what the hell people mean when they send you funny little symbols, since the revolution of Text messaging the concept of shortening words obviously has greater appeal as it doesn’t take you 2 hours to say what you want to say.

I’ve even made it easy for you and categorised the most common acronyms and symbols. The examples at the bottom of the page are for the die hard fans, oh and the adult market!

Common Acronyms

IMO = In my opinion
IM = Instant Messaging
N/A = Not Applicable
N/S = Non-Smoker
POV = Point Of View
THX = Thanks
LOL = laugh out loud
GTSY = glad to see you
GMTA = great minds think alike
BRB = be right back
AFK = away from keyboard
HAGN = have a good night
L8R G8R = later gator
LMHO = laughing my head off
POOF = I have left the chat
SYS = see you soon
SWAK = sealed with a kiss
TX = thanks
WB = welcome back
*G* = giggle or grin
*H* = hug
*K* = kiss
*W* = wink

Common Smileys

:- ) = smile
: ) = smile
;- ) = wink
:’ = crying
^5 = high five
:-0 = shocked or surprised
^ = thumbs up

= unhappy
>:- ( = angry
:-D = laughing
:-> = devilish


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Dating in the dark
Exactly what it says on the tin, you sit in the dark and eat a meal talking to someone you can’t see. Apparently it makes you feel more comfortable with who you are and who you are talking to. Only thing is that when the lights go on and you have been getting on famously with an absolute pig then you will be gutted! Try – Original Dating

Speed dating
Basically you got to a venue unknowing of who will be there. Often called mini dating, you have x amount of people of the opposite sex and the same amount of people of your sex. Then you have 1 minute (usually) to go round all the opposite sex asking them questions about themselves. A bell sounds every minute for you to move to the next person. You mark each of the people you chat to and are given the chance to get back in touch with them after the event if you both have indicated that there is a spark there. Great way to meet people. Try – 8 Minute Dating 

Team dating
A relatively new form of dating, you basically go out as a group of people (friends) and go to meet a group of the same amount of mates to see how you get on. It’s all organised by an outside party. Try –

Online dating
Worth $500m a year, this is an increasingly great means of meeting a suitable partner. There are thousands upon thousands of sites out there all catering for different niches, then you have the massive players like In short, you post a profile and then hope that someone who visits the site likes what they see and gets in touch. You can specify what sort of person you are looking for and what sort of person you are. MySpace has increasingly become popular as an online dating resource.  Try – MySpace 

Drive dating
An interesting one! Taken off more in the States than the UK. You basically attach a sticker to your car in a certain car that has a number on it. If you like the look of that person then you log onto a website and get in touch. Has been slow to take but it has legs as an idea.

Dance dating
There have been a few dancing clubs pop up that specifically put singles together. You register, go along, and are put with a variety of partners and then taught how to dance. A nice way to meet someone and at least you will know straight away that they won’t dance like your dad! Try – Dance Dating   

Double Date
You take a friend and you go meet a couple of potential partners together. It’s a really good idea to do as you know you are going to be safe with a friend looking out for you. Try – DoubleDate 

Blind Date
It’s not dating for the blind! It is where you have never met a potential partner and you agree to go for a date with them. Obviously you are both at a disadvantage as neither of you know what the other looks like.

Dating agency
For the person who has a little more cash to throw at dating, agencies can be a fantastic means of finding a suitable date. You basically leave it up to a professional to match-make you with someone who you want to be matched with. Therefore you only get genuinely good partners… well most of the time! Beware, there are varying degrees of agency, obviously the more expensive offer better service. Make the first question to them ‘What is your success rate’? Try – UK Directory of Dating Agencies 


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