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This is what happens when you date your mate’s mum….


In America a 17 year old attacked his 19 year old friend with an axe because he discovered the older teen was dating his mother.

Only in America I hear you say!

The 17-year-old has been charged with attempted murder.

His friend was taken to the hospital, but doctors said he is stable and will probably recover. We’re not sure if he’ll carry on seeing his mate’s mum!! She’s obviously a classy kind’a girl!

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This is absolutely classic, keep those passwords away from ALL your mates because this is what can happen…

If you want to get even with date that’s turned out to be an absolute nightmare then you need to go and Slate Your Date today!

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If you’re dating online you are spoilt for choice. Never have you been subjected to so many potential lovers all wanting a piece of you. You can quite easily chat to 10 prospects at the same time, dropping the same lyrical landmines and wooing your way into their hearts. Prospects even become expendable and the ones who don’t want to know can just sod off!!!

It’s very easy to become a cyber-slag! And that means men as well!


The alarming thing is that nobody even has to know that you are dating around online… until you get a load of abuse on Facebook where ex lovers may start posting nasty things about you. This can land you in some serious hot water with other dates you are stringing along… just be aware that you could get busted at any time.

You’ve also got the health issues of unprotected sex etc.. but more about that in a minute.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with dating a number of different people online, you have to keep your options open of course, there are a couple of simple rules to adhere to:


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Texting is simple, fast and cheap… and it avoids us actually talking therefore appeals to many of us who may not be confident enough to ask someone out face to face. It’s an acceptable way of flirting and getting a date BUT there are some rules you must adhere to:

Flirt with caution
Texting doesn’t have a ‘tone of voice’, in other words people read it according to how they feel at the time. Text something a little too sexy and they may take it entirely the wrong way and brand you a pervert! Remember that what you send is on their phone until they decide to delete it so if they want to they could show it to all their friends and make a mockery of you. The best thing to do is keep them guessing – don’t give too much away… use they psychology to get them thinking about your text and a possible double meaning.



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When you meet someone online it’s a good idea to start by screening them to make sure they are the real deal. There are loads of ways you can do this and thi article presents all the various options for doing so:


- Watch for inconsistencies in their stories (take notes of what they say and re-ask on another occasion

- Rely on gut instincts

- Ask for some recent photos (not just one)


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