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I get asked a fair amount why ladies are so keen to settle down, obviously the question is posed by men… mostly anyhows!

There are a couple of reasons for this; firstly, ladies may be getting clucky for babies, and it’s natural to want to tie the not first. Interestingly this is getting later and later in life with many ladies looking towards early to mid 30s to tie the knot.  You can put this down to trends as well as the need to make more money to build a more secure world to bring babies into. Secondly, it’s in their nature. Back in cave men days women would be far more loyal than men and often only want one partner – so it’s bred into our genetics if you like, get over it!


For all you ladies wandering what you can do to increase your chances of finding Mr Right you MUST read Why Men Marry Some Women and Not Others by John T. Molloy. It’s a book based on scientific evidence culled from several thousand about to be married couples, and why the men decided they had to marry this specific person instead of another they’d dated previously – It’s absolutely fascinating and a great read.

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In our wonderful world of equality both sexes can ask for the others hand in marriage, unless you have an arranged marriage of course!

If you are thinking about popping that question the this article is for you, a sort of checklist that you should bear in mind!

PMA (positive mental attitude)
Make sure you are confident that they are going to say ‘yes’ before you dive in. Any doubts do a little more digging without giving the game away!


Find your romantic side
If you are going to ask them, do it in style. A pissed down on one knee in the pub on a Friday night is really not the way to do it… Confide in your closest friend or family if you are stuck and get some inspiration for how to do it. How you do it may actually influence their decision so don’t go getting it wrong!

The ring
It’s all very nice getting hand me down rings from family… but an engagement ring is a very personal thing, and you ask any lady they will tell you that they would appreciate something new rather than a hand me down. The quality of the ring is also extremely important – the first thing they want to do is show it off to their mates, and if the diamond (or crystal for cheapskates) falls out then you won’t be very popular! Invest wisely and check out my article on choosing the perfect ring


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The famous US brand Taco Bell is launching a new product called the ‘all-new 7-Layer Crunchwrap’. Being British I’ve no idea what the hell is in it but it must be something special as it’s offering one single lucky ‘sports fan’ the opportunity to pop the big question during a Major League Baseball game nationally televised on FOX on the luckiest day of the century: 7/7/07.


This is a marketing ploy with a difference - In an ultimate expression of user generated content, the lucky winner will be able to utilize, for the first time ever, the 21st century technology of virtual signage behind home plate and tailor a specific wedding proposal to their significant other. Forget hiring a sky writer or plane towing a banner to grab someone’s attention, this virtual signage will be displayed on every television broadcasting the Major League Baseball game and seen by millions, making it one of the most watched proposals in history.


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What’s happened to good old English chivalry eh?!


It’s custom to ask her fathers’ permission before you go ahead and pop the question, and it’s a huge mark of respect to a family. You may think it’s outdated and not the done thing anymore, but before you disguard the importance of asking her dad for her hand in marriage, read the benefits and steps to take below:

• You will be immediately welcomed into the family and her old man will accept you in a new light and the bond deepened
• She will see the romantic side in you and it will make her love you more
• She’ll be more at ease if she knows she has her dad’s OK
• If dad says ‘yes’ it’s a good chance you have captured his spirit with the whole ‘giving precious daughter away’ thing and will more likely help you out financially to make it a great day


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