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Love is a subject that’s fascinated writers since pen was first put to papyrus, and it’s one that’s given a charming and insightful twist in the new book from acclaimed French writer and psychiatrist Francois Lelord, Hector And The Secrets Of Love.

The story follows our eponymous hero who’s tasked by a pharmaceutical company to track down their brilliant scientist Professor Cormorant who has disappeared abroad with the secret of a modern-day love potion.



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If the old romantic in you tells you to go for a picnic in the country then you can’t go far wrong with taking this highly stylish Leather Champagne And Goblet Holder.


You get 2 x goblets, champagne sadly not included.

Pick one up for £70 today here.


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It’s no secret that we all tend to be working twice as hard as previous generations. The reason… we want more, and so do our employers – so work harder to generate more money.

It’s a sad thought I agree, but that’s our western society I’m afraid. This massive shift has led to a huge increase in office romances. Think about it… we are all working so much harder so when do we get chance to find a mate? In the chair next to yours of course!

A new book has just been launched called “Office Mate: The Employee Handbook for Finding - and Managing - Romance on the Job” which will help you understand the pros and cons of dating in the office.


The author of the book recently said “Your office is your little village,” “And most relationships that evolve in the office tend to evolve from friendships and not from instant physical attraction. In a certain way, office relationships are more old-fashioned.”

The book is of course American, but gloss over all that and the principals are exactly the same everywhere else. According to the authors, 50% of the respondents to a survey admitted dating a co-worker.


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A lady called Jade Brode has just launched a new book titled – ‘marry the man of your dreams’, which shares secrets learnt from some of Hollywood’s most famous ladies about how to capture the love of the man.


She was a Hollywood marriage and family therapist, who noticed that many women who were beautiful, capable and accomplished in their business and movie industry careers were having one failed love affair after another. Over a 20 year period, she developed a fail-proof plan for helping women succeed with men.
The book goes into detail about why they should treat a date like a job interview, and new rules for dating and marrying a successful and decent man.


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Here’s a lovely piece of design from the States called the FlirtStation. It was designed by a very sexy lady called Shannon South with the purpose to promote face-to-face communication and interaction. I can’t imagine she as too much problem with this though having seen her photo on her website!


Two can share this bench that will naturally allow connection to occur and will create a place where focus will be placed only the person seated with.

Made of solid wood with maple veneer this will provide you years worth of flirting.

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