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Operating in 23 cities across the UK, Slow Dating is one of the biggest speed dating companies in the UK and they clearly have bags of experience.


At a typical event you will meet a minimum of 15-20 people your age, wishing to meet someone for a relationship. From what I can tell most of their events sell out very quickly, so they must be good. You get 4 minutes with each person (more time thn the average event - hence the name), and after each you make your notes bout them.

After the event you use their website to get back in touch with someone you perhaps fancied – simple.

Generally an event will start at 7.30pm and finish between 9.45 and 10pm, and cost £20 or £25 for all your evening’s entertainment.

Here are the locations they operate in. Check out the site to see when the next event is coming to your area.

Bath, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Derby, Edinburgh, Elsewhere, Exeter, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Milton Keynes, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Reading, Sheffield, Southend, Southampton, Swindon, York

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Your company announce the venue and event, your colleagues are all lining up their dates… you’re currently single sitting there wandering who on earth to take. When you do there is always the nagging element at the back of your mind saying ‘what are people going to think, especially if they aint all that pretty!’

It may look stuffy… but after all he formality it goes off!!

Well someone is better than no-one I guess, at least you won’t look like a complete loner - nobody wants that. So is it a good idea to take anyone at all. Why not, who cares anyway – everyone always gets to drunk to care anyway!


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Tis the season for beer festivals and traditional folk bands, armed with crazy beards and who live in a swamp with their pet birds out of beer festival season.


Why am I suggesting this is a good idea for a date… well, it’s simple really – nerves very quickly disappear and there’s no excuse quite like the requirement to get blind drunk and make a complete fool out of yourself outside of a beer festival. Who cares if you dance like a mad dog doing some weird and wonderful mating dance, dribble and all anyway!


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With summer fast approaching (here in Europe and the States anyway!) camping season is also. What better way to relax than to go out, find a field, start a fire, cook some sausages and crack open the Bollinger!

It’s not all come by ah me lord and tambourines anymore. More and more of us are getting out there.


Camping can be hugely romantic, especially in the early stages of a relationship as it’s all about you, them and nature! What could be more natural, and think of all that carbon you won’t be using as you would at home.

The UK especially is geared up for camping in a big way, with thousands of official and unofficial campsites offering a range of facilities (or not).

They range from £5 – £30 per night for a pitch, but be aware that the cheaper ones don’t offer any facilities such as toilets etc.

You don’t need to spend a great deal either, tents can cost from £50 upwards, chairs are £10 each, a portable BBQ is around £3 – then all you need is your food and booze.


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We can quite easily slip into a comfort zone of going to the same bar week in, week out, meeting the same old people and therefore limiting the chances of meeting someone special if you are single.

This article is for you if you sit in this category, I have listed a few ideas for different things to do if you are desperate to find someone new and add a little more excitement to your life:

1 – Walking the dog in a busy park. Dogs love smelling each other’s bums; what better way to start a conversation with a potential date!

2 – Go to reunions. Remember that first kiss behind the bike sheds… well, they may never have forgotten it either!

3 – At work. If you work in a big office then look to other departments for love. If no joy there, ask your work mates to hook you up with one of their friends.

4 – On a trip abroad. Air travel is ridiculously cheap today… although it isn’t particularly good for the environment. Take a weekend break to Eastern Europe, I can personally recommend Hungary – Europe’s most beautiful race of people. Don’t believe me, check out

Just a couple of Budapest’s charms!

5 – Help the needy. If you have a caring side to you thrn why don’t you sign up to helping the needy. You will meet like minded people there with similar oultlooks on life – perfect.

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