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Below is a quick fire list of ways to destroy a relationship and things to definitely avoid if you want to remain in a relationship.

1 – Don’t jump into bed straight away! The majority of couples who do just don’t last because the intrigue dies pretty much straight away.

2 – Don’t introduce them as ‘your girlfriend/boyfriend’ too early. This can be a daunting title for the commitmentphobe and scare the living daylights out f them!

3 – Don’t ignore the fact they are rude or have a habit that you can’t stand. It’ll eat away at you and you’ll end up hating them!

4 – Don’t start buying them expensive presents. Flowers are fine… but watches, earrings etc are just bad news. They will either take the piss for ever and expect it every time you see them OR will feel very awkward.

A truly nasty habit!


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Haven’t got the time for lengthy goodbyes? Well one of these should do the trick, the secret is to not hang about once you’ve said it. Good luck.

“I think I’m pregnant and it’s not yours!”

“I caught my manhood/ladyhood in a zip and can’t now perform; you may as well forget a relationship!”

“My mum doesn’t like you and she’s always right!”

“I had a sexual dream last night about your mum/dad and don’t trust myself now!”

“I’m joining a monastery in Tibet; you put me off sex forever!”

“I have a problem called SVS (sexual violence syndrome) and can’t trust myself!”

“I want a 3 some with you and your mum/dad or you can forget it!”

“I’m just off to the doctors to pick up my drugs for Chlamydia, fancy meeting for lunch?”

“I need to get my sexual count up to 1,000 within the next 6 months and I’m really close, it’s just one of those little ambitions of mine!”

“It’s not you it’s me!”

If one of these doesn’t do it… i’ll give you your money back!

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It’s important to keep a little romance going throughout a relationship and this involves spontaneity and surprise. Always keep your partner guessing and most importantly take control of the situation and make it happen. It’s no good asking your lover what you could do to be more romantic because that in itself takes the romance away immediately.

Here are my top 10 ways to introduce a little more romance, without breaking the bank either.

Flowers – No it doesn’t need to be their birthday or valentines, see a nice bunch in the shop window and go buy them. Spending £20 will reward you in more ways than one! Check out what flowers mean here. 

‘I love you’ first thing in the morning – Make these the first words your lover wakes up to and be prepared for morning glory!

Romantic drive – Sometimes we ignore the beauty just around the corner from us, open your eyes and look around, there are loads of places to go and within an hours drive. A spontaneous ‘mystery tour’ means quality time and some beautiful surrounds.

Chic flick and a bottle of wine – Get the duvet, open the bottle, cuddle up and enjoy the film… even if it does make you wrench! Some great romantic film ideas here. 

Cook them a romantic dinner – Get home before them, light the candles, dig out the Sade CD and cook some sexy food… romantic recipe ideas here


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How fast has 2007 gone!!! The fastest year in history, and for all us singletons it means another chance to ‘buy your own pressie’ again this year. OR you could look at it as a time to go find someone in exactly the same situation… looking for love.

Christmas is an incredibly romantic time, but it can also be a very lonely time if you’re on your own. Christmas & New Year are when the majority of hook ups happen, second to Summer holidays so all’s not lost. Think of all those Xmas parties and staff do’s… plenty of opportunity for the singleton.

Top 5 places to find your match at Christmas:
• Company Christmas Party
• Down the pub (try a different one for a change!)
• Speed dating - it’s the busiest time
• Ice skating (some great outdoor rinks packed with singles)
• Throw your own party and ask your mates to bring their mates (singletons preferably). Tis the season to be merry and all that!



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What is the definition of a date? It’s very confusing sometimes… are ou just good mates OR is there a little something else there. Obviously if you have expressed an attraction in that person it’s clearly a date… but when you haven’t and you suddenly find yourself having a drink with someone you kind’a like, what is it?

Well, a date can be classified as any length of time you and another share together getting to know each other with the intention of a potential romantic connection. It may not happen of course, but you are ‘on a date’ if you both accept that you are spending time together with the intention of a potential match.

To avoid confusion… this is a great T-Shirt from Mambo.


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