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Nobody said that breaking up was easy… often the hardest task is ensuring it doesn’t get too messy… but sometimes we just can’t help that! Especially if they turn out to be a bunny boiler or such like.

Maybe someone has cheated on you and you want to get some sweet revenge without looking like a crazed stalking loony…

Well, your prayers have been answered thanks to a rather funny author of all people. Matt Dunn is his name and in conjunction with his latest novel Ex-Girlfriends United, he’s launched a rather ingenious website where you can ‘Slate Your Date’!

That’s right, Matt wants’ you to join the masses flocking to the site and share with the www your worst ever date experience. Here’s your chance to get even or simply get it off your chest.

... oh, I forgot to say that the person with the best story wins £100!


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Picture this, your on a blind date and the guy is an absolute dog… what can you do to get rid of him and fast!

Well the first thing to do is concentrate on your body language, show him you’r not interested by not making eye contact and crossing as many things as possible – this shows him that you don’t want to let him in to your space.

Looking at your watch regularly should also give him the message. We live in a dog eat dog world so don’t feel bad about it either!

You could always send them here….

Steering a conversation all about you presents a self centered lady and one that isn’t particularly attractive, but never be afraid to bring out boring conversation topics like politics or religion.

A couple of personal digs could also be brought out… ‘what are you wearing!’ is always a winner along with ‘I bet you haven’t had many relationships’ always turns them off.

Men aren’t stupid (although they sometimes look it) so a quick visit to the ladies with the handbag only to come out saying ‘there’s an emergency and my friend needs me’ always gets the message through even the heartiest of men.

If that lot doesn’t get the message through then perhaps you ought to look a little deeper and realise that ‘yes’ he likes me… he’s past my first test and he’s still here so is he worth getting to know under that ugliness?

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When should you agree to meet their folks?

Well if your finding yourself asking this question then you’re not alone. Many people ask me when exactly to meet the folks and I always say the same thing:

“When you are comfortable with the idea”.


Never feel pressured into it, that’s my advice. Sometimes relationships move so fast tat we almost feel out of control, and this is bad! Get control of the relationship and YOU decide when you feel it’s right for YOU.

As a general rule I wait for at least 3 months before the introduction is made.

But something else to comprehend, and that is not to place too much emphasis on ‘meeting the folks’. Remember that it isn’t a job interview and they will just be happy for their daughter/son if they are happy… with you.

Obviously when you do meet them, best behaviour is the order of the day, but don’t try too hard. You are you and they are not the ones that have to date you!

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Believe it or not dating in New York has taken a new twist with the introduction of Bar Code dating. It’s actually a form of sign language used by singles to say anything from ‘you’re a hottie’ to ‘get lost!’

A popular sign is this (used when you are already with someone) – ‘The Committed Clutch’: put one arm out and hold the wrist with your opposite hand, it means “I wish I could BUT I’m on a date”!

If you like someone then you can always try the ‘Later Loop’, circling your index fingers round each other (means “I can’t get away now but maybe later”)


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Blokes… are you fed up with working your socks off and are still skint? Well then you need to get yourself a rich bird. You may need to put looks on the back burner, they are a bonus when you have your sights on a woman with a wad.

The first thing to remember is that they are still human… they are not goddesses that you’re not allowed to talk to. That’s the first mistake most men make. Times have changed, single female millionaires are out there in abundance and that’s quite acceptable in today’s society – so why is it so many men are put off by this. Use this to your advantage and go talk to her. The fact you are not put off and make an effort will get you noticed.

Be prepared for some severe fashion disasters!


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