Posted by Bob Bulmer on Tue 31st July 2007 at 05:04 AM, Filed in Tips For Online Dating

Facebook, the serial dater’s best friend.

Facebook is literally everywhere. It’s a global phenomenon that has taken the world by storm, and the best thing about it is that it’s FREE!


With millions of people all adorning stunning pictures of themselves, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to finding a ‘cold’ potential date. If you’ve got an ounce of personality then you’re in with a chance of meeting prospective dates – most singles even advertise the fact they are single and looking for love too! Surely this represents the end of the online dating game and paying over £15 per month!

The real beauty of Facebook is the fact that you can gauge what sort of personality they have and the sort of company they keep by reviewing some of their posts to friends before you even ‘poke them’. Yeah it’s nosey and all that BUT very interesting!


Posted by Ruth Miller on Fri 27th July 2007 at 05:34 AM, Filed in Tips For Online Dating

If you are lucky enough to have experienced an influx of interest on a dating website then you are more than likely doing everything right… possibly even too well.


It’s great to have a choice but if you are anything like me you will be finding it hard to choose who to date!

If you are getting too many enquiries to deal with then it’s probably because you haven’t defined who you are looking for well enough. Make life (and choices) easy on yourself and redefine your profile specifying who exactly you are looking for – traits, looks etc. Be sure to say that you also say what you are not looking for!

Be very firm in your language too…

Normally if you are an attractive lady with a ‘sexy’ photo posted you will attract a lot of attention. Try a more conservative photo.

In short:
- Redefine who/what you are looking for.
- Define who you are NOT looking for.
- Add a more conservative picture if you have a revealing one.

Posted by Bob Bulmer on Thu 26th April 2007 at 04:32 AM, Filed in Tips For Online Dating

If you are fortunate enough to meet a suitable partner online and the relationship clearly has legs, you have to both make a decision as to when you remove your online dating profiles. If one of you does and the other doesn’t then this can cause concern, however if you remove it too quickly the it may look a bit keen. So when is right?

The answer is a simple one; take your time and don’t rush into anything with your new date. Keep them guessing (they will be doing the same) for around 1 – 2 months, and if the relationship does take off then bring it up in conversation adding a bit of humour to it “I’m even thinking of removing my online profile” or something else lighthearted but with a deeper meaning and see how they react.

By keeping your options open for 1-2 months you re also covering yourself if this date turns out to be another frog – nothing wrong with tha at all. It may work out that you also have already paid for access anyhow.

If you are serious about taking your profile off, ensure they are feeling the same way and prepared to follow suit. If they aren’t then they may not be as serious as you – use the situation to your advantage and gauge just how interested they are.

Posted by Hayden Allen-Vercoe on Thu 8th February 2007 at 04:27 AM, Filed in Tips For Online Dating

As we are all starting to look to a computer screen (online) in search of our ideal partner most of us forget some very important do’s and don’ts of the cyber dating game, thereby limiting our dating success OR unnecessarily putting ourselves at risk.


Here are my top tips for cyber dating:

The Don’ts

DON’T feel disheartened if they don’t show an interest in you, just move on…

DON’T just sit there and wait to e contacted… go get em’ tiger.

DON’T lie in your profile, they will find out at some stage in the future.

DON’T ever give out your personal contact details. The world is full of weirdos.

DON’T meet them at the venue you are going to. It’s embarrassing if they never turn up!

DON’T go throwing your clothes off too early, they won’t respect you.


Posted by Hayden Allen-Vercoe on Tue 26th December 2006 at 11:42 AM, Filed in Tips For Online Dating

There are some true blaggers out there and often they get away with people believing they truly are communicating with Miss Azerbaijan 1987! Normally you arrange the date only to find she or he was ‘Gurner’ of the year 2006


There are a couple of simple techniques to tell if they are really lying however.

Photo proof please – Ask them to email a photo. If they are pretending to be somepone else they will normally hesitate and delay… and then if you get a picture of a stunner or a stud, be wary!

They make a big thing of how much they earn –This normally means that they are insecure about what they really earn which is normally a fraction of what they say they do. If they keep repeating their salary and are really materialistic, be wary! Even if they do, do you really want someone so materialistic?


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