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How far are brands going to go to get us to sit up and takn notice of them? Many brand gorilla marketing ideas are absolute crap… but this actually has some legs I’m pleased to say!

SkyDate will be hosted on board a Boeng 737-700, 36,000 feet up in the air on the 28th November 2007.  The trip is from London Luton to Prague and I must say that it’s an absolute pleasure to see an airline trying something different.


My feeling is that the toilets will be well guarded for people wanting to join the mile high club!

Each SkyDate participant will be assigned a reserved seat for the start of the flight. After the speed dating begins, a signal will ring every 5 minutes ending one round and beginning the next. The women will remain seated, while the men rotate seats for the next round. The rotations will continue until you have met all of the candidates printed on your SkyDate flight card. After each round, you will get the opportunity to cast a secret vote about the person you just met. Do you want to see him or her again?


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With just minutes to make a great impression on a load of strangers the pressure is on!

How are you going to be remembered? You don’t just want to be a grey mass that nobody really remembers – you want to be the one that everyone enjoys being with and therefore the one spoilt for choice at the end of the night.

So how can you create a lasting impression when speed dating?

• Wear something that gives you confidence as well as colour! Find out the colours that suit your skin tone for free here

• Have a couple of drinks beforehand to relax and give you confidence… but don’t go crazy, nobody likes a pisshead!

• Use open body language – read my articles on body language here… they will set you in good stead for indicating if you like someone and telling if they like you



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Speed dating has taken the world by storm and believe t or not, there is an art to it if you wanna get the most out of it.


With such a short amount of time to meet potential partners you’ve gotta have your wits about you and know what you wanna know about those people. The ultimate goal is to meet everyone and then send time chaing to those tht you felt chemistry with.

Here’s a quick fire list of things to remember:

• First impressions count. Look good and you’ll feel great!
• Stand out from the crowd. Bright colours are great… but don’t go overboard! Women apparently warm to blues on a male . Find out the colours that suit me here for free.
• Have an open mind. You’ll meet loads of different people from different backgrounds, having an open mind means that you’ll be open to the options presented to you.
• Don’t babble… keep it short and sweet and if you can – keep them hanging on and wanting to find out more.
• Tell the truth. You’ll get found out and made to look the fool!
• If nothing comes of it… go back again! Don’t let one event get you down.

See more free speed dating tips here.

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Speed dating seems to be taking off in a big way. Emerging a few years back many of us expected it to be one of those ‘fads’ that die out by Christmas!


From a man who’s now been to 4 speed dating events in the UK, I have formulated a very good strategy to ensure success at every event. Below you will see my quick guide to getting lucky at seed dating:

Don’t get battered!
Drunk people do and say stooped things. A couple of drinks calm the nerves but they also bring out the truth. The last thing you want to do is give to much away about you or your feelings about them, good or bad!

Choose the right event & location
There are loads of companies, individuals and organisations running these events now – it’s easy money, so why not. Just make sure you research the company and the sort of people it attracts to its events. Nothing worse than a pikie looking girl telling you she has 200 piercings and you can only see 2! Location is also key, if you want a classy choice go to the classy areas, and pay a little more if needs be!


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A massive 2400 singles in Hong Kong have signed up for speed dating events being held on Valentines Day. Speed dating shot to the top of the popularity stakes when it was introduced back in 2002.


A source from the local newspaper Ming Pao says that every year, there are 65,000 young people taking part in the speed dating parties held by 30 agencies, bringing the industry a yearly income of 20 million HKD. Speed dating companies are making a small fortune hooking people up and amongst their services are styling lessons focussed on improving style and dress sense, to increase the chance of daters finding love.

The best company to talk to that I found:

HK Speed Date


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