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Looking for a bit of papmering because you didn’t received quite as many Valentine’s Cards as expected? or perhaps want to treat a lover cheaply?

Well we sugest you head off down to The Bentall Centre, Kingston on the 12th and 13th of February 2011 and visit Clarins on the Ground Floor of the centre where you can get your mits on some FREEBIES, such as a mini hand and arm layering treatment, mini makeovers introducing their new Neo Pastels collection, as well as the opportunity to discover your personalised skincare and bodycare routine with FREE samples!


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Love is a subject that’s fascinated writers since pen was first put to papyrus, and it’s one that’s given a charming and insightful twist in the new book from acclaimed French writer and psychiatrist Francois Lelord, Hector And The Secrets Of Love.

The story follows our eponymous hero who’s tasked by a pharmaceutical company to track down their brilliant scientist Professor Cormorant who has disappeared abroad with the secret of a modern-day love potion.



Posted by Ruth Miller on Fri 29th June 2007 at 03:48 AM, Filed in Valentines

If you’re cooking a romantic meal getting the food looking great is one thing BUT you also need to pay attention to the detail. Candles set the atmosphere alight with love, especially when they are specifically designed for all the romantics out there.


Plated in silver and gold, two heart shaped pendants join two contemporary brushed metal candlesticks.

Buy it here.

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