Hector And The Secrets Of Love book review

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Love is a subject that’s fascinated writers since pen was first put to papyrus, and it’s one that’s given a charming and insightful twist in the new book from acclaimed French writer and psychiatrist Francois Lelord, Hector And The Secrets Of Love.

The story follows our eponymous hero who’s tasked by a pharmaceutical company to track down their brilliant scientist Professor Cormorant who has disappeared abroad with the secret of a modern-day love potion.


Leaving behind his troubled relationship with girlfriend Clara, Hector’s adventure takes him to the Far East and into the arms of beautiful Vayla, forcing him to think deeply about what love really is.

The book is scattered with little observations from Hector, from the thought-provoking (‘In love, if we really knew what the other person was saying maybe we wouldn’t understand them at all’) to the practical (‘nothing eases the pain of love better than focusing on a task’).

It’s an enjoyable, easy read, but one that also makes you stop and think, often throwing up more questions in your mind than it answers.

You can find out more, order a copy and read the first chapter at www.hectorsjourneys.com.

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