Romantic Counties - Great date ideas for Hampshire, UK.

Posted by Hayden Allen-Vercoe on Sun 30th July 2006 at 08:05 AM, Filed in Romantic Breaks

Continuing in the same theme as last week, I have covered Hampshire this time. These are the top 5 most romantic days out in Hampshire:

Beaulieu – Offers you loads. If you like classic cars combined with beautiful surrounds and gardens then this is a truly romantic place to go. Beware that there are often school trips there so there could be loads of crazy screaming kids about. The site also contains the picturesque abbey building ruins which houses an art exhibition on monastic life in the Middle Ages. Certainly somewhere where you won’t get bored. There are some fantastic pubs around there too.


Open all year
Adults: £11.50

John Montagu Building
SO42 7ZN
Tel: +44 (0)1590 612 345

Hollycombe Steam Collection – You may look at the title her and think I am some sort of train spotter…. Not true though! I stumbled across this place a few weeks ago and it’s like going back in time. The whole place has a certain romance about itself because there is steam, noise and smoke everywhere, along with people dressed like something out of Clockwork Orange. Trust me it is a great experience and it literally is in the middle of nowhere. There are loads of gardens to eat a picnic as well as grounds to walk, and the World’s oldest working steam fairground. There are a few geeky types there getting over excited by steam, but it’s a great place to take your date and disappear into the bushes with!


Open all year
Adults: £9

Hollycombe Steam Collection
Midhurst Road
GU30 7LP
Tel: +44 (0) 1428 - 724900

Houghton Lodge Gardens and Hydroponicum  - A haven of peace above the tranquil beauty of the River Test. 12 acres of Grade II* Gardens with fine trees surround 18th century Georgian “Cottage Orne”. If you like a nice romantic garden walk then this has got to be one of the finest examples. It’s so nice that it makes for a popular TV/Film location. There’s an additional 14 acres adjoining the garden now provide an experience of the natural world with meadow walks through the peaceful and unspoiled surroundings of the River Test.


Open all year
Adults: £5

Houghton Lodge Gardens and Hydroponicum
SO20 6LQ
Tel: +44 (0)1264 810 502

The Isle of Wight – It’s a big place for a day out I know, but is very romantic all the same. I advise you go over o the ferry (feels like you are going abroad), and take your car. It’s not the cheapest crossing and I think you can expect to pay around £50 for the privilege. When you get there, there’s loads of things to choose from, but what I enjoy the most is going to Ventnor and finding the Spyglass in, having a pint of prawns and taking in the views across to France. The beaches on that side of the Island are stunning in nice weather. There are some gorgeous places to stay over too.


The New Forest – This has got to be one of the finest forests in the UK. There’s loads to do, including checking out all the ponies who just roam the countryside. There are some stunning camp sites down there so if you are feeling brave then be sure to stay a few nights cooking over a camp fire. The place to head is Lyndhurst for camping. There are also some amazing cycle paths through the forest and it is highly unlikely you will bump into anyone else on the way! Some stunning pubs sat next to village cricket greens make it ideal for just going for a Sunday afternoon in the summer and sitting back with a pint or two.


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