Tired of dating?

Posted by Tom Wilkins on Mon 29th October 2007 at 01:58 AM, Filed in General DatingTips For Dating

You can do too much dating you know… the pressure is on for you to succeed with all your mates and family eagerly asking you on a daily basis whether ‘last night’s date was the one!’

If you’ve been dating for a while without settling with one particular partner then you also become tired of having the same conversations with each different date. The end result its that you get tired and very bored of dating!

All the effort you put into meeting someone new is also a huge stress – the calls, emails, the adrenalin rush (when you like them), the late nights … the list goes on!

The truth of the matter is that if we keep looking for that certain someone you just don’t find them I’m afraid. Yep, you may have a few sexy nights with different partners but does that make you really that happy – then you start thinking and get even more tired thinking about it!

If his sounds like you, you are not alone I’m pleased to tell you. There is a solution I am pleased to say… TAKE A BREAK FROM DATING!

It’s as easy as that. Stop going to those singles nights, speed dating lunches and meeting prospects online when you get back home… turn the computer off and chill out!

You’re more likely to find someone if you do this anyway because you will be relaxed and truly at peace with yourself for a change!

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