Travelling as a single person, the best way to meet and date!

Posted by Tom Wilkins on Wed 8th August 2007 at 02:42 AM, Filed in Romantic Breaks

Having done a fair amount of travelling on my lonesome I can honestly say that whilst the initial thought of it is really daunting, it’s possibly the best decision I ever made. I went a very shy fella and came back with friends for life… and a couple of romances under my belt! You’ll actually discover alot about yourself and come back feeling utterly fulfilled.


Taking a friend along is fine, but strangers tend to keep their distance more if you are with someone else, especially if they are of the opposite sex. I’d challenge anyone to go travelling alone and not come back with any friends.

The travel market has definitely cottoned onto the increasing amount of singles going off on their own and have actually introduced ‘hooking up’ with someone within the holiday.

If you don’t feel brave enough to just pick up your backpack and see where the World takes you, try visiting the following companies websites and seeing what they have on offer for singles travelling alone:



Friendship Travel


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