Privacy Policy

Like most sites we try to improve our performance and useability for the benefit of our readership. To do this we analyse carefully how visitors use our site. We have outlined here our policies towards any information which we collect on site visitors and advise that you read this before continuing to explore this site. Using this site confers acceptance of the conditions and guidelines detailed within this policy. This policy may be changed at any time. You are encouraged to review the privacy policy each and every time you visit this site.


This Web site uses cookies to help us collect information about users. These can be disabled in major web browsers. Please see your browser's documentation or help options for more information on how to disable cookies.

Collecting Data

We collect certain information about users who visit this site, including user actions and click paths, domain name/IP addresses and browser types, as well as other information. We use this information mainly to track referrals and analyze user behaviour. We also collect personal information, including email addresses, from registered users.

Privacy Policies of Third Party Web Sites

We are not responsible for the policies of Web sites that we hyperlink to. If you visit other Web sites hyperlinked from this site, please review the privacy policies posted at those sites.

Distribution of Information

We may share information with government agencies or other companies helping us to investigate or prevent fraud. We may do so when: (1) permitted or required to do so by law; or, (2) preventing or attempting to prevent actual or potential unauthorized actions or fraud; or, (3) investigating past fraud. We will not however share user information, including email addresses, with third parties for marketing purposes.

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